KGP’s New CV and Non-Road Briefing Series Launched with a view of Stage V Transition

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stage V Transition will have an significant impact on Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) markets over the next three years.  A pre-buy of engines and machines is likely as manufacturers produce Stage IV engines for the transition period. The new rules, which replace the former flexibility scheme allows manufacturers to use Transition engines in machines and place them on the market for two years after Stage V introduction.  However the engines including their after-treatment must be produced before the Stage V introduction dates.

This briefing is the first of a new series complementing KGP’s recently launched value Commercial Vehicle and Non-Road Mobile Machinery Summary Report Series.  Readers can sign up free for briefings by downloading one from our shop, and will receive subsequent briefings automatically.  Briefings  focus on developments in the Heavy vehicle and industrial machinery segments, covering Truck, Bus, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment and Materials Handling. Each contain summaries of KGP’s multi-client research published in conjunction with our partners Off-Highway Research and LMC Automotive.

Our #1 Stage V Transition Briefing 2017 complements our new summary reports that provide cost effective access to current analysis on the global commercial vehicle and non-road mobile machinery engine and aftertreatment markets for customers new to the market or those that do not need the full granularity of our annual database subscriptions.

Download the briefing here, Briefing Paper No 1 Stage V Transition 29 10 17, no registration is required.

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