KGP’s Briefing Series #8 – Non-Road Mobile Machinery NRMM Electrification Briefing Part 2

Thursday, February 22, 2018

This briefing, the 2nd in a series on CV and NRMM electrification, examines some of the potential synergies between CV and NRMM applications.  In the 1st of the briefings, which can be read here, we considered which segments would be the prime contenders for electrification.  In this 2nd briefing we take a preliminary look at the technologies that will be adopted, and why.

Following DieselGate the future of diesel engines have come under the spotlight, in particular due to noxious emissions.  Some legislators see the Diesel as having no future potential in the world of the electric light vehicle powertrain, and have a view that electric can become the norm across the CV and NRMM segments.  It is no doubt that hybridisation and/or electrification is an effective way of conserving energy/fuel and reducing emissions that will undoubtedly play a large part in the future of the NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery) industry, but the pace and technology choices remain uncertain.

Electrification and hybridisation can take many forms and offer many different advantages. Whether it is a series hybrid system reducing load and eliminating a traditional transmission, or a mild hybrid shifting peak load off the engine and onto a axle motor or electrically driven accessories. All technology options have their pros and cons, and many will have their place within the non-road industry.

Synergies with the automotive industry may play a significant role in driving this technology and reducing costs in order to increase viability of adoption into the NRMM market. Figure 1 highlights  potential carry over of technologies from the Commercial Vehicle market into the NRMM market, as we currently see it across the segments.

The full PDF version of the briefing can be downloaded here: Briefing Paper No 8 NRMM Electrification Briefing 22 02 18

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