Five Themes of KGP’s Support

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

KGP support is focussed on helping companies find better and hopefully more lucrative routes to market and implement the necessary management processes to improve performance.

As with KGP’s general consultancy work, the demand seems to follow five generic themes, briefly described as:

Low Carbon VehiclesLow carbon vehicles

Of all the areas needing innovation to succeed, low carbon vehicles must rank among the highest. This is the area where billions of pounds are being spent to achieve reductions in vehicle emissions and CO2 output across the world.

KGP’s international operations have developed an extensive knowledge base across all aspects of low carbon vehicles and especially the impact on the supply chain.
– EVs and Hybrids – the supply chain impact (many individual projects)
– EV/Hybrid (Update report out soon)
– Latest Energy Storage report now available

Heavy Duty Truck and Off-HighwayHeavy duty digger

Recent years have seen major projects undertaken by KGP in the truck and off-highway sectors. Our knowledge in these areas, particularly related to powertrain and emissions technologies is unsurpassed.

Performance Engineering / MotorsportMotorsport

KGP is working with the MIA to broadcast the successes of that organisation’s initiatives to demonstrate the sector’s potential value to other sectors. The successful initiatives so far include:

  • Motorsport to Automotive
  •  Motorsport to Marine
  • Motorsport to Defence

In the last three years KGP has provided business intelligence and market information support to more than a score of SMEs operating in the motorsport and performance engineering fields. In a number of cases follow-on projects to the original work have been undertaken.

Leisure and Commercial MarineMarine

The KGP team have been involved increasingly in projects with maritime industry applications.

  • Propulsion
  • Structures
  • Consultancy

Many SME firms in our portfolio of contacts are already involved with the marine sectors or have aspirations to get involved. A free preliminary consultation is always available.

Advanced Manufacturing

Being closely involved in automotive and performance engineering it is obvious that KGP consultants should also be intimately involved with all aspects of advanced manufacturing. As a consequence, we have established a close working relationship with the Coventry based Manufacturing Technology Centre whose support will complement the skills already available within the KGP team.

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