An Overview of Support Programmes Available to Automotive Sector Companies

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Some of the following types of support programmes only attract government grant funding if the supported company is a small- to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) within the definitions currently applied throughout the EU. Most require a proportion of matched funding from the client.

KGP can work with clients to secure this funding and facilitate delivery of the outputs.

  1. Growth Accelerator

Growth Accelerator is a nationwide UK programme providing substantial expert support to SME companies that have or will have a real prospect of 20% growth or more a year. The programme combines various assistance elements:

  • Coaching for Business Development, where a business coach  is appointed to work with the firm’s senior executives to coach them to achieve primary targets for performance and growth
  • Leadership & Management Development, where requirements for management development are identified. Individual managers can be assigned to intensive development master classes and group workshops
  • GTI – Growth through Innovation. Many companies seeking to grow will do so off the back of innovative products or processes. Under this element of the programme client firms will be given expert assistance to identify and implement key innovations to support growth.
  1. Grant Funded Collaborative Projects

There are a number of opportunities to gain beneficial input by collaborations with other firms. Many programmes exist, especially through the Technology Strategy Board, to identify and work with partners to achieve common aims supported by significant matched funding.

  1. Steering the way to R&D Tax Credits

A large proportion of firms in the SME category are under-utilising the tax credits they can achieve related to R&D expenditure. Correct application of the rules can lead to significant financial benefit.

  1. Manufacturing Advisory Service

The Manufacturing Advisory Service is a well-established and durable process for delivering government funds to deserving SME firms in the manufacturing sector.

  1. Luminate

Luminate is a new service offered to companies in the East Midlands to support innovation throughout the SME community.

AOS Technology
AOS Technology a Leicestershire based SME focussing on optical fibre sensors supported by KGP to gain a presence in the motorsport community.

AOS Technology

CASiM2 offers manufacturing SMEs in the West Midlands the opportunity to test and trial new products and ideas using virtual simulation technology. Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive, through CASiM2 SMEs access world class facilities and expertise without a large capital investment giving your business an exciting opportunity to try out and explore the innovative technology in a cost effective, reliable and safe environment.

EDM Precision
EDM Precision a Midlands based company reaping the benefits of bespoke consultation and guidance from KGP.


£ Millions is available for supporting the growth and success of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Contact Jane Woodward about the first steps to securing funding.

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