KGP 2021 Products – CV and NRMM Service Updates, xEV, Competitive Intelligence Services

Sunday, February 07, 2021

KGP’s quarterly updates to its multi-client services added xEV across both CV and Non-Road forecasts in 2019, with the Commercial Vehicle Engine and Aftertreatment Forecast and Non-Road Engine and Aftertreatment Forecast being renamed the Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Forecast and Non-Road Powertrain Forecast respectively. Extending the offer the following services are also available in 2021, with reports and databases updated in May and November:

  • Commercial Vehicle xEV Service
  • Non-Road xEV Service
  • CV and NRMM Competitive and Market Intelligence Service

The latter service, provided through a SharePoint website, provides clients access to all of KGP’s CV and NRMM knowledge base, with varying subscription levels to meet various budgets.

For more information on any service, including a trial subscription to the Intelligence service website please contact


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