– Testimonials

The team at KGP strives to go above and beyond and exceed customer expectations in a rapidly changing global competitive environment.  After each project and subscription we review the the customer experience, and seek feedback from clients.  Recent feedback is given here:

“KGP are thought leaders in the commercial vehicle and non-road mobile machinery space, and we find their forward-looking xEV projections to be invaluable as we put together our medium- and long-term plans in these areas.  The electrification of these sectors will accelerate going forward and, to make sure we are making the best decisions, we need the kind of analysis and insight that KGP provide in their commentaries around the projected numbers and penetration levels of new powertrain technologies.” – Director, Material Supplier

 “KGP’s xEV study provided us with a complete overview of the total landscape and solutions for commercial vehicle powertrains, taking into account the enablers and roadblocks of the various solutions. A great basis to verify other pieces of the puzzle and generate our own, customized views.” – Director, Electronic Component Supplier

“The team at KGP got to know our business in detail so they could tailor their industry data and make it much more relevant to our needs.  Their analysis helped us to understand the likely impact of major industry legislation and electrification trends on our specific customers and products in different territories” – Director, Exhaust System Supplier

“In 2017 we started to see that electrification was spreading to NRMM, at the time we had difficulties to understand how this would develop and how we strategically should relate to it.  Therefore KGP provided us with a study on NRMM electrification, hybridisation and alternative fuels which gave us valuable insight on the trends on the market and how they possibly could look in the future. These insights was a key part when we defined our electrification product and market strategy.” – Manager, Global Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

In seeking Board level approval and funding to create an all-new business unit to take advantage of high growth rates in the Commercial Vehicle Electrification segment, the KGP portfolio was invaluable to provide global transparency across  major geographical growth segments, total cost of ownership metrics within vehicle classes, and current/future technology readiness and competitiveness across OEMs.

Additionally, the KGP portfolio provided key insights into the future performance of our high volume legacy ICE engine business by providing transparency across engine and transmission builds by OEM/Plant, emissions compliance, and growth rates across segment, class, and vocation.   – Manager, Tier One Component Supplier

In the ever-evolving automotive market, we identified a potential new business opportunity in a market relatively unfamiliar to us. We needed assistance in determining if this market was worth pursuing from a strategic standpoint. After detailed research and customer interviews, KGP was able to provide us a thorough and clean breakdown of the current market size from a global perspective while also providing us with their own insight into the growth potential of this business. KGP was quick, responsive, and supportive during and even after the study was completed. This study helped lay the foundation for our strategic entry into this new market. We ultimately came away extremely impressed with KGP’s knowledge, network, and in-depth analysis in this segment and would use them again in the future. – Director, Material Supplier