Off Road Equipment

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Construction, agricultural, mining and industrial equipment pose unique challenges for vehicle, engine, transmission and driveline engineers. Companies in this sector strive for solutions to complex questions including market trends, segment growth, competitive dynamics and legal requirements.

KGP’s dedicated team of specialist researchers, sector experts, technical knowledge and unrivalled detailed reports assist companies in making strategic decisions, budgeting and forecasting.

KGP’s multi-client CV RoadmapTM services provide:

  • The most comprehensive insight and analysis of the global on-road commercial vehicle and engine industry;
  • Reports covering key market and technology topics;
  • A customisable forecast database;
  • Optional consulting support and client specific primary research.

The Off-Highway Engines and Aftertreatment service, covering 20 plus mobile machinery segments, includes the following forecasts:

  • Production;
  • Engine;
  • Engine Emissions compliance and after-treatment.



CV Roadmap TM services are used by senior managers at over 30 leading companies operating in the On-Road and Off-Road Commercial Vehicle sector to budget, forecast and make better decisions.

Readers use KGP’s 25+ years of knowledge and experience to compete more effectively in this growing but increasingly complex sector.

A collaboration between Knibb, Gormezano and Partners and Off-Highway Research


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