Hybrid, EV, CO2 and Alternative Fuels

Monday, February 03, 2020

Alternative propulsion represents one of the most exciting areas of development in the automotive industry. The positioning of OEMs and Suppliers in this area will be critical to their long term success particularly in light of entrants appearing on an almost daily basis.

KGP’s alternative propulsion database is continually updated and provides detailed analysis of this fast evolving market segment.

KGP’s multi-client CV RoadmapTM services provide:

  • The most comprehensive insight and analysis of the global off-road mobile equipment and engine industry;
  • Reports covering key market and technology topics;
  • A customisable forecast database;

Optional consulting support and client specific primary research.

The Natural Gas service, covering on- and off-highway engine markets includes the following forecasts:

  • Production and sales forecast by market;
  • Forecast split by engine size, fuel system.


CV RoadmapTM services are used by senior managers at over 30 leading companies operating in the On-Road and Off-Road Commercial Vehicle sector to budget, forecast and make better decisions.

Readers use KGP’s 25+ years’ knowledge and experience to compete more effectively in this growing but increasingly complex sector.

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