Knowledge growth and associated product, market, competitor and technology intelligence research are vital.

Then comes the critical task of applying expertise to develop solutions and action plans. Clients often seek external support for this.

With over 25 years of sector knowledge, KGP offers expert experience across the whole range of these processes within the automotive industry and related supply chains.

There are four main areas of focus for the services provided by KGP:


  • Strategic evaluation and analysis;
  • Strategy workshops;
  • Scenario Development;
  • Acquisitions and Mergers advice & Commercial Due Diligence.


  • Industrial market research and forecasting;
  • Market structure and share analysis;
  • Competitor profiles and industry benchmarking;
  • Component sourcing analysis and supplier profiles;
  • Strategy development (product, market, sourcing);
  • Licensing and technology transfer;
  • Joint venture and acquisition search/assessment;


  • Technology surveillance;
  • Technology audits;
  • Technology strategy;
  • Technology profiling and economic analysis.


  • Operations diagnostics;
  • Quality management;
  • Operational cost analysis / value stream mapping;
  • Management training workshops and masterclasses;
  • Manufacturing strategy and site location;
  • Management information systems;
  • Manufacturing and industrial engineering;
  • Supplier network development;
  • Logistics and physical distribution;

KGP provides its consultancy services predominantly to automotive and related sectors. Through its association with key engineering, design and civil engineering consultancies, it can offer full turnkey projects. Examples are readily available.