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Updated Global Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Forecast Update Schedule

Monday, February 03, 2020

KGP's quarterly Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Forecast, a partnership with LMC Automotive Forecasting Q4 2019 is available now.  The forecast, updated quarterly, will be published on the following dates in 2020, with executive summary reports two weeks later: GCVPTF (data): 16th January, 15th April, 16th July and 15th October 2020 GCVPTF (executive summary): 30th January, 29th April, ...

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KGP strengthens partnership with Rhein Associates

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Rhein Associates (RAI) and Knibb Gormezano & Partners (KGP) Announce Partnership for Global Commercial Vehicle and Off-Highway Powertrain Forecasting Services Rhein Associates Forecasts and Intelligence Services now integrated within Knibb Gormezano Global Portfolio of Forecast services. Canton, MI  January 20, 2020 – Rhein Associates, the leader in North America diesel engine forecas...

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Briefing #15: EU Commercial Vehicle CO2 Update

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Briefing 15: EU Commercial Vehicle CO2 Update Paris Kiernan, Senior Analyst The proposal from the European Commission to set out CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy-duty vehicles has been amended by Members of the European Parliament (MEP). On the 14th of November MEP backed the tightening of CO2 reducing targets from the original proposal, increasing the target from 15% to 20% fo...

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Briefing #14 – Power Generation – The Impact of Stage V

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

  Briefing #14 – Power Generation - The Impact of Stage V James Dorling, Head of Non-Road Services The power generation industry globally is worth billions, but its environmental credentials have come under an increasingly bright spotlight. The diesel power generation industry, the focus of this briefing, is relied upon by many individuals, companies and governments to support electricity ...

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Briefing #13 – EU CO2 Standards – Electric is a must!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

There has been growing pressure globally to reduce harmful exhaust emissions with the introduction of emission standards. The recent implementation of CO2 and fuel consumption standards for heavy duty vehicles (HDV) aims to reduce GHG and improve energy security. Regulatory standards have been proposed and implemented by the main economies of the world. However, to meet such stringent standard...

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Briefing #12 – Batteries for CV and NRMM

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Alex Woodrow, Managing Director of Knibb, Gormezano and Partners recently chaired the TBM Batteries for NRMM Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.  The conference was very well attended with over 30 OEMs, several suppliers and other stakeholders taking part, totalling around 100 delegates.  As the first dedicated conference to the subject it was interesting to understand the concern and issues facin...

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Briefing #11 – EC HDV CO2 Proposal: At a Glance

Thursday, May 24, 2018

On the 17th May 2018 the European Commission published a proposal for setting CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs), along with an impact assessment. As of 2019, manufacturers will have to start publishing their CO2 emissions which will allow for direct OEM comparisons. CO2 emissions will be measured using VECTO, Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool.  The ke...

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Briefing #10 – The Future of Diesel – Cleaning up China, the Global Impact

Monday, April 09, 2018

After a brief break over Easter KGP's briefing series continues, with a look at China's State IV NRMM legislation. James Dorling, KGP Head of NRMM Services, and input from Reggie Zhan, illustrate some of the differences between global legislation and China's leapfrogging What are the technology options? What does it mean for Western and Chinese OEMs moving beyond 2020? Where i...

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Briefing #9 – Strategic Positioning —M&A in Commercial Vehicle and Non-Road (NRMM) Sector

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Paris Kiernan, Senior Analyst KGP’s Briefings for the Commercial Vehicle and Non-Road Mobile Machinery Markets Download this briefing in PDF format here: Briefing Paper No 9 CV NRMM Strategic Positioning - A review of M&A in 2017 06 03 18 As the automotive world prepares for the most significant changes in decades, OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers are beginning to strategically position thems...

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KGP’s Briefing Series #8 – Non-Road Mobile Machinery NRMM Electrification Briefing Part 2

Thursday, February 22, 2018

This briefing, the 2nd in a series on CV and NRMM electrification, examines some of the potential synergies between CV and NRMM applications.  In the 1st of the briefings, which can be read here, we considered which segments would be the prime contenders for electrification.  In this 2nd briefing we take a preliminary look at the technologies that will be adopted, and why. Following DieselGat...

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