Commercial Vehicle Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Forecast

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The client, a major Tier One Supplier was considering the strategic implications of global drivers for alternative fuel and electric powertrains in Commercial Vehicles globally.  As a subscriber to KGP’s Commercial Vehicle Engine Forecast it wanted to consider various scenarios for future penetration of alternative fuels and how it would impact base market volumes.


To analyse the current status of hybrid, electric and alterantive fuel commercial vehicles globally.  Consideration of current and future market drivers, supply and demand side including:

  • Driving forces for adoption;
  • Competing technologies;
  • Economics versus performance criteria;
  • Vehicle manufacturer perspectives on demand levels;
  • Current and future demand volumes by technology type;
  • Supply chain developments by technology type;
  • Performance benchmarks for EV HEV Natural Gas components.


  • A number of scenarios for commercial vehicle hybrid, electric and alternative fuel penetration to 2027 by region and vehicle segment;
  • Supply chain analysis including supplier database;
  • Component performance requirements and benchmarks.


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